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Community Connections

How we serve our Lord and Community

Everyone is encouraged to join the Community Connections Team. We need everyone's ideas and help. Come and tell us about the organizations that are on your heart and that you support, so that we can let everyone know about all the ways we can continually be a part of “God’s work. Our hands.”  We meet on the second Monday of each month at 6:30pm.

Ministry Mission:

To connect with our community, near and far, by presenting opportunities for the entire congregation to see what issues are surrounding us and to inspire each person to react by giving of their time and talent. To show the community we are sincere when we pronounce, “God’s Work, Our Hands”. 


Relation to Church Mission:

Follow the BSLC Mission Statement, G.R.A.C.E. 


3 Highlights from 2019:

1. Presenting opportunities to help at least 12 organizations

2. Involving many members of all ages in GWOH

3. Significant support from Community Connections on behalf of the entire congregation, to make “The Lot On 22nd Street”,  Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations a huge success.


3 Aspiration for 2020:

1. Continue to present opportunities for service

2. Bring more members into the Community Connections Team

3. Encourgae congregation to suggest issues to address


Community Connections Contacts

Ministry Leader - Community Connections