Our Ministries - God's Work Our Hands

We are God's presence in our community. The Great Commandment found in Matthew's gospel says, ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.' followed by ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ This is at the center of what we do at Beautiful Savior. We tend to those in need as we celebrate God's grace and mercy. Ministry at Beautiful Savior is diverse. Look over the list below. Would your spiritual gifts be helpful to these ministries?

A/V Team The A/V Team provides audio and visual services for all Beautiful Savior Lutheran events. A dedicated staff of volunteers set up and operate our sound and video equipment during worship services and special functions.
Academy Our Academy is a place where preschool and kindergarten kids can have fun, learn to share, make choices, explore, and feel safe. It is an environment where children are taught to accept others’ differences and to understand their own individuality.
Altar Guild The Altar Guild prepares the sanctuary for worship. They also care for the church linens and communion ware.
Blankets of Comfort Meets at 1pm in Werner Hall on 2nd & 4th Fridays of each Month.
BSLC Charities Beautiful Savior Charities is dedicated to the patients at the Diamond Childern’s Medical Center and their families. We work in partnership with Jazmyn’s “Lunch Break”™. Our mission is to provide the children and their families with comfort and support in their time of need.
Chancel Choir
Community Connections Everyone is encouraged to join the Community Connections Team. We need everyone's ideas and help. Come and tell us about the organizations that are on your heart and that you support, so that we can let everyone know about all the ways we can continually be a part of “God’s work.
Do-Day Crafters Do-Day Crafters are people who enjoy the fellowship of one another. We meet the first and third Tuesday of each month at Beautiful Savior Lutheran. Most of us do crafting and others help by cutting, pasting, etc. People with all skills are welcome.
Education Christian education at Beautiful Savior includes a number of activities for all ages. We offer Children's Corner during Sunday worship, Confirmation classes for older youth, and a mixture of various learning opportunities for adults.
Endowment Committee The Endowment Committee endeavors to create a culture among the members of Beautiful Savior Lutheran whereby they take into consideration planned giving through their wills, trust or other financial instruments as an important part of their giving thanks for God's past, present and future gifts.
Finance & Stewardship The Finance and Stewardship committee counts and records the Sunday contributions, administers spending through the treasurer, coordinates the annual Mission Budgeting process, and assists the Council on finance and stewardship issues.
Friendship Team The Friendship Team takes care of our Manna Bag program. The congregation donates food items or water which are packaged in resealable plastic bags. These are distributed to the homeless by members of Beautiful Savior Lutheran.
FUSION Contemporary Music FUSION - Faith Upheld in Song, Inspired by
God's Work Our Hands God's Work Our Hands is an ELCA initiative which celebrates who we are as the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America – one church, freed in Christ to serve and love our neighbor. Planning is already underway for "God's Work.
Handbell Choir Our Handbell Choir adds to the worship experience. Anyone can learn - no music experience is required.
Joy Women's Circle
Kitchen Team The Kitchen Team coordinates the use of the kitchen facilities. They take part in many fellowship activities by serving refreshments such as the weekly Lutherans Linger Longer (LLL) after Sunday service.
Marketing The Marketing Team promotes Beautiful Savior Lutheran. They handle advertising our special services and programs to the community.
Memorial Garden Team The Memorial Garden Team provides a reflective space for the remembrance of our dearly departed, allowing communion with the full circle of life.
Music Ministry Music is integral to the worship experience. We have several styles of music for all to enjoy.
Personnel Team The Personnel Ministry team assists the Pastor and any supervising staff in reviewing and hiring church staff. The committee provides support to our Pastor in all staff related issues, including the review, counseling and hiring processes.
Prayer Shawl Ministry Prayer shawls are a tang
Property Team The Property Team ensures that the buildings and grounds of Beautiful Savior Lutheran provide an optimal setting for God’s work, thereby enhancing fellowship and encouraging participation of God's stewards. Everyone is encouraged to become involved by helping out during our monthly Work Days.
Signs of the Spirit Signs of the Spirit Ministry Team elevates, enhances and expands our expressions of worship.The ministry supports the mission of Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church by offering the congregation the opportunity to learn new ways to connect to Christ.
Sunday Dollar$ Sunday Dollar$ is an outreach ministry that provides various items including shoes, jackets, books, and other items to students in Thornydale and Butterfield elementary schools.  We shop with families or meet with them to give them the items personally.  All funds are from one dollar bill offerin
Technology Team The Technology Team provides computer and network support and maintains the website.
Worship & Music Worship and the music of worship are central to Beautiful Savior Lutheran.
Youth Ministry Our 1218 Youth Group provides an opportunity for the youth of BSLC, their friends, family, as well as our neighbors and community to gather in a safe, fun, contemporary faith based setting to extend the teachings of our Beautiful Savior. Through faith learning, community service, social events and networking with other youth.