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Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church will be showing the film God + Country on Saturday, June 22 at 6 p.m. in the Activity Building (1200 N Campbell Ave with parking accessible from Helen St).

The 2024 film, produced by Rob Reiner, directed by Dan Partland, and based on the book The Power Worshippers by Katherine Stewart addresses the growing threat to democracy posed by voters who maintain that the United States was fundamentally established as a Christian nation. They believe that all policies on abortion, public education, immigration, LGBTQ rights, and more should be determined by a conservative interpretation of the Bible, and they also closely tie Christianity to partisan politics. The film includes
commentary by Russell Moor, David French, Simone Campbell, Robert Schenck, Reza Aslan, and others, and focusses on the increasing connection of religion and politics. However, the film also presents possible
alternatives to Christian nationalism, including those of Rev. William Barber III, which express hope, inclusivity, and healing for American democracy. The film trailer is available on YouTube:

Contributions of $5-10/person (approximately!) will be collected at the door to defray costs for obtaining the film. For further information contact Pastor Glenn at or call the church office

(520-327-6521). There will be an informal discussion following the 90-minute film at Our Saviour’s. We anticipate that popcorn and other refreshments will be available also, so please join for this engaging opportunity this summer!