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Pentecost ~ a harvest festival bringing people from far and wide to Jerusalem and the Temple, to give thanks, make offerings, and to celebrate the harvest.

Off to one side, a small group of people, waiting and praying for the Spirit to come, just as their risen and ascended Lord commanded. Then in the midst of all of this, this Spirit comes!

In the midst of the partying and the temple offerings, in the midst of the throng from all over, the Spirit comes!

During an ingathering of the blessings of all of the grain that were received, the Spirit comes to send seeds back out far and wide. People, who before were uncertain about what to say and how to say anything about Jesus, now get up in the public spaces and proclaim the Good News of God in Jesus Christ to all, in their languages!

Pentecost is often considered the birthday of the Church, as it inaugurated the church's mission to go out and share the love of Jesus Christ.

It reminds us that the Gospel is not limited to any group, nationality, language, culture, or people. It reminds us that we are to share the Good News in ways that are understandable to people so they can receive it.

Think about it- your seed of faith was tended by someone(s) in a way you could understand and receive. It might have been words, but I bet there were deeds and examples that proclaimed to you the love of God.  Somehow, someone(s) showed you God's love.

So as we gather for worship, may we give thanks for the blessings we have received, and then, may we go back out seeking ways to share God's love with the world.