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Last week, Jesus showed his wounds to the disciples, then showed them again to Thomas. This week he does it again, and then asks for food. (Notice this week it is Luke's Gospel and last week was John's.)

Why? Was this just to show that he wasn't "just a ghost"? That he was resurrected, and not something that might trigger a call to the Ghostbusters?

What is the meaning behind resurrection? Or even just the incarnation? What is it about God's deep desire to take on human form and live among us? Maybe it is a reminder that THIS life is important.

It is the point of creation. It is the point of all of the prophets calling people to be mindful of how we live and how we care for one another. It is the point of the "Word becoming flesh" as a sign of God's love for the creation.

It is the point of the Greatest Commandment- love God AND love one another, and that people will know we follow Jesus by our love for one another.

This life was so important to God that God created it, became a part of it, AND came back again to remind us of the power of new life now. Even battered and broken, we can rise again to proclaim God's love to the world God made.

How might you, as you are and where you are, show and share this new life with the world?