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Growing up as a child of the 80's, one of the popular toys that came out were the Transformers (More than meets the eye!) There were Autobots (the good ones- heroes) and the Decepticons (the bad ones- villains).

They masqueraded as various kinds of vehicles, and as time progressed, insects and dinosaurs too.  They were "robots in disguise." Transfiguration sees Jesus "transfiguring" in front of Peter, James, and John.  They end up seeing Jesus in an entirely different light (pun intended).

These three had walked with Jesus for a few years now.

They watched him feed thousands, heal thousands, cast out demons, calm storms, and teach in a variety of places- so this shouldn't have been a surprise- yet it still rattled them.

A surprising change is often hard to handle. As much as many want to see improvements in the world, family, themselves, etc.- change is often hard.

I have heard time and again stories of people who improved (got clean and sober, improved habits and hygiene, actions and attitudes) and yet the response they received was not encouraging.

They were still treated as if nothing changed.    "Once a .....- ALWAYS a .......!"

Change is hard, but Jesus offers is not just a change, but transformation.

Fear into hope.

Hate into love.

Shame into forgiveness.

Conflict into peace.

Death into life.


May his light so shine before us that we see his good works, and glorify his Father in heaven!

May that transform us to shine our light!