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Posted 1 month 1 week ago | Pastor's Letter

At the end of Academy Chapel, we ask the kids, “Where is God?”

We then lead the kids through a series of statements with motions.  It reminds the kids that God is near and all around, as well as a good reminder of right and left and other things.

Posted 1 month 1 week ago | Academy News

          Spread the news…Beautiful Savior Academy is now registering for summer and fall sessions!  Programs include preschool through kindergarten with flexible schedules available between 8:00 – 5:30 daily.  Tuition starts at $135.00 per month!  If you are interested please call today for a tour.  And don’t forget to share this information with anybody you might know who is looking for an excellent early learning center for their child.  The 2020-2021 school year begins on Monday August 3rd.

Posted 2 months 1 week ago | Pastor's Letter

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching.  You may have noticed from the store displays.  The displays that replaced the Christmas displays after the sales.

You have a way to express love in a very real way starting in a couple weeks here at church.

We will kick off Heart2Heart. 

Posted 2 months 1 week ago | Academy News

            With the start of the New Year comes the task of gearing up for summer and fall registration.  The academy team voted to extend our hours this school year until 5:30p.m. daily.  This has been successful and seems to be better meeting the needs of our community.  Now our task is to determine if there is enough interest in remaining open for most of the summer break.  A survey will be going out to our families inquiring about their childcare needs so that we can make an appropriate decision. 

Posted 3 months 2 weeks ago | Academy News


Posted 3 months 2 weeks ago | Pastor's Letter

Johnny Nash wrote the lyrics for this song released in 1972.

Posted 4 months 1 week ago | Academy News

You are invited to our performance of…

 “Lead the way to Christmas”

Wednesday December 18th


Posted 4 months 1 week ago | Pastor's Letter

AdventChristmas is a season of giving.  We hear that in so many ways.  It manifests in the gifts that are exchanged between loved ones.

Posted 4 months 1 week ago | Pastor's Letter

Forty ForwardWe are coming to the halfway point of our "Forty For Four" Campaign.  Over the two years it has redecorated the worship space with carpet, paint and tile; resealed the parking lot; replaced the tile roofs on the Academy; and helped pay for HVAC upgrades.  Thank you to all for your ge

Posted 5 months 1 week ago | Pastor's Letter

Forty ForwardIf you take a look around the campus, you will see more of the fruits of the Forty For Four Campaign! The tile roofs on the Academy Building are being replaced (one down- one to go), and the Parking Lot was resealed with more areas patched.