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In a world full of multiple ways we can communicate with almost anyone, anywhere on the planet- why is it that we have a hard time communicating?
Maybe we have to ask ourselves about the type of communication we participate in?
What we receive, and what we 'broadcast'?
Read the Gospel for Sunday (Matthew 22:15-22) and see what kind of communication the Pharisees and Herodians were using.

It was a "gotcha" style of communication as they sought to trap Jesus. So they asked him a loaded question- a complicated question.
Does he speak of using Roman money positively, therefore aligning himself with the Romans and angering the Pharisees?
Does he speak of not paying his taxes and therefore angering the Herodians?
And even if he were to answer both, depending on where he starts, would the angered side hear the rest of the answer?

Nowadays, we always listen to the full answer... right?
We don't allow ourselves to make up our mind immediately based on our impression of the other persons' virtues, righteousness, popularity, patriotism, etc.? Right!?

We don't play "gotcha" as that is so 2000 years ago. Right?

Do we render to God the things that are God's?
Love, joy, peace, grace, etc.
Do we render them to our neighbors as Jesus told us he is amongst us?

How might you change how you interact with the world to give to God what is God's?