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Read the two big lessons for today: Acts 7: 55-60 and John 14:1-14.
Interesting pair isn't it?

The stoning of Stephen by the crowd for heresy, and Jesus' teaching that includes his witness that he is "the way, and the truth, and the life."

I wonder how many of the people stoning Stephen thought they were fulfilling what they thought was right in deference of the truth of their religion?

I wonder how many Christians have done unloving, unneighborly, or downright ugly things because they thought they were following the way in defense of the truth?

Jesus tells us that HE IS the way, and the truth, and the life.
What did he do? What was the way he made, and the truth he embodied, with his life?
We are to ask not WWJD (What Would Jesus Do?) - but,
WDJW, What Does Jesus Want?

For that, I invite you to read John 13:34-35!