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A massive storm, a boat being tossed to and fro in it, the passengers and crew are all in a panic.

Ok, not all of the passengers.  There is one who is sleeping just fine in the stern of the boat.

Why isn't he up and panicking like the rest!?  He must be woken up and made to become aware, and afraid, just like everyone else!

Yet, when woken up, his response wasn't to join in with their fear.

He commanded, "Peace! Be still!"

Now that was directed to the wind and waves, but I think it was also for those in the boat as well.

The wind and the waves subsided and became still.  The others in the boat....

Now for us today, knowing the one who commands the winds and the waves, and they obey him- will we?

Will we give into fear and hysteria?

It is often said that fear means, "Forget Everything And Run."

Or will we be people of hope and peace, based on our faith in the one who died and rose again?

After all, fear could then mean, "Faith Embraces And Restores."