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 "Take up your cross and follow me". It is what we hear from Jesus this Sunday in Lent.

So, what is your cross? Is it something that makes you cross, that you just have to deal with?

Is it a physical ailment, or a relationship issue that you just have to keep on keeping on about?

Is it about you, or is it about others?

After all, the full quote is, "let them deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me."

Your cross is not about you. After all, if we are to follow Jesus and his example, his cross wasn't about him.

He didn't take the cross for himself. He did it for the world, for others, for you.

He denied himself, gave himself completely, for the other- for the world- for you.

What would you give up for the world, for others? What would you deny yourself that would benefit others, not yourself? Those things are your cross.

Remember though, the cross is a symbol of sacrifice and new life. What new life does your cross make possible?


How might your taking up of your cross and following Jesus change your perspective on the world, and how might God's love be shown through it?