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Israel, while going from Egypt to the Promised Land,
stopped at Sinai and received the covenant with God.
The Law came to them, they committed themselves to it,
and they gathered as a people around that covenant.
Their following of the commandments was a sign that they were God's people.
Jesus calls his disciples.  After he gathers them,
he sends them out to heal, redeem, raise up. 
Their sign was to be the giving and receiving of peace.
Their job, to care for and love their neighbor.
The Israelites were to trust God, and follow God's commandments.
The disciples were to trust Jesus, and follow his instructions.
Both require believing that God would provide:
a promised land, and all that went with it;
food, shelter, sustenance while on the way to tell the Good News.
Signs and wonders: manna, quail, water from the rock-
showed the Israelites that God would provide.
What blessings to you see, and maybe take for granted,
that come from God as you go out into the world?