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Pastor David Pavesic

About Me

So, how did this wayfaring Midwesterner end up in Tucson anyway?

Like many of you, I followed a job - or in my case, a calling to serve out here.

I grew up mainly in the Midwest in the northwestern suburbs of Chicago, and the suburbs of Milwaukee.  I also spent a year in Southern California.  My dad worked for the airlines, and so we moved.  In my senior year in high school, my dad was transferred to Guam.  If you are a history person, or served in the military, you may have heard of Guam. 

If not,

I stayed with friends and finished high school in Wisconsin, and even went to college there (Carroll College in Waukesha).  After graduation I moved out to Guam.  I brought a couple friends of mine from college out there for a summer and convinced one of them to stay and marry me!  My wife, Jenni, and I taught in an all-girl Catholic High School.  Being a Lutheran in that situation was interesting, but at least Jenni could kind of blend in with the students!

Our son, Zach, was born out there and shortly afterwards I finally acknowledged my call to pastoral ministry.  So we left Guam and went to the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago where I earned my M.Div.

From there we moved to Gibson City, IL, to serve at American Evangelical Lutheran Church.  We then went to Fond du Lac, WI, to serve at Immanuel-Trinity Lutheran Church.

Even with all of the moves and the family trips growing up, until being called to Beautiful Savior, I had not set foot in Arizona at all!  (Unless you want to count a layover at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport during a family trip to Disneyland.)

Since arriving we have enjoyed the mountain views, the warmth, and the people.  I still look forward to finding a fishing hole or two, as I do miss that from my time in the Midwest.

We look forward to exploring Arizona and settling in and learning and growing in our new home.