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Technology Team

How we serve our Lord and Community

The Technology Team provides computer and network support and maintains the website.

Ministry Mission:

The Tech Team takes care of most technical matters at Beautiful Savior. This includes computers, software, networks, internet access, maintenance of the BSLC website and mobile app, and maintenance of the Academy website.


Relation to Church Mission:

People looking for a church typically check out websites before ever attending a service. Our website ought to accurately reflect our mission programs, giving potential visitors insight into how they might become involved in our community.


3 Highlights from 2019:

1. Coordinated website with marketing publicity for the Candlelight Carol event

2. Jenni is trained and can update BSLC website content

3. Researched and found potential company to support our network needs


3 Aspiration for 2020:

1. New (or refurbished) computers running Windows 10 and Office 365

2. Implement changes in network for remote administration support

3. Provide website support for new programs (Rideshare, TeleCare,etc)


Technology Team Contacts

Tech Team, Webmaster