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Signs of the Spirit

How we serve our Lord and Community

Signs of the Spirit Logo which shows the signs for the letters S, O, S.

The mission of the Signs of the Spirit Ministry Team is to elevate, enhance and expand our expressions of worship.The ministry supports the mission of Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church by offering the congregation the opportunity to learn new ways to connect to Christ. The team hopes to expand this endeavor beyond our own walls in 2019. Signs of the Spirit meets on the second and fourth Thursdays at 7pm each month. Please check the weekly bulletin for changes to the meeting schedule.

In 2019, we want to achieve these goals:

  • Expand the program both within our congregation and with others in our community.
  • increase the use of technology to make our work more accessible to more people.
  • Consider a fund-raising activity to benefit BSLC technology endeavors.

Signing by Pastor David, the assisting minister, and the leader of Signs of the Spirit