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Memorial Garden Team

How we serve our Lord and Community

The Memorial Garden Team provides a reflective space for the remembrance of our dearly departed, allowing communion with the full circle of life.

Ministry Mission:

Support, Ongoing Maintenance and Development of the Memorial Garden at BSLC.  The Memorial Garden is a place where one can go to remember loved ones.


Relation to Church Mission:

The Memorial Garden forms the 3rd cornerstone of one's life in the church-Birth/Baptism, Marriage and Death/Inurnment.  It is Available to members and non-members so is an ideal outreach ministry as well as a place for celebration (weddings/Easter Sunday Services) and remembrance


3 Highlights from 2019:

1. Held sunrise Service in Garden and hung Christmas lights

2. Installed 4 memorial plaques and 2 completer package (urn) in 2019

3. Major tree trimming and tree removal was performed in 2019


3 Aspiration for 2020:

1. Expand outreach and advertise to increase active use of garden.  

2. Given sufficient niche sales-purchase second columbarium segment