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Endowment Committee

How we serve our Lord and Community

Ministry Mission:

The function of the Fund for Mission Committee is to implement the guidelines of the Fund For Mission as described in the Continuing Resolutions of the congregation, and as developed by the Congregation Council.

Relation to Church Mission:

The Fund for Mission endowment Committee can provide information on planned giving.  Annual distributions can be made from interest and dividends earned on the investments.  These can be used for ministries and programs as described in the endowment fund resolution thereby GRACE through the ministries and programs funded.


The Endowment Committee endeavors to create a culture among the members of Beautiful Savior Lutheran whereby they take into consideration planned giving through their wills, trust or other financial instruments as an important part of their giving thanks for God's past, present and future gifts.

The Endowment Committee administers our Endowment Fund. It is comprised of both elected members, selected Council members and the Pastor.  Meetings are open to those who are interested in the endowment fund and in planned giving.

Endowment Committee Contacts

Ministry Leader - Prayer Shawls, Sunday Dollar$, Endowment, Counters