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Academy Charities

What We're Doing

Beautiful Savior Academy Charities

Beautiful Savior Academy Charities, in partnership with Jazmyn’s “Lunch Break”™, is dedicated to the Diamond Childern’s Medical Center.  Our mission is to provide the children and their families with comfort and support in their time of need.

Our Activities with Jazmyn's “Lunch Break”™

  • Jazmyn’s “Breakfast Express”  with Dunkin’ Donuts
  • Jazmyn’s “Dream Team Luncheon”  with Jimmy Johns
  • Jazmyn’s “Lunch Break”™ for needy families at the Arizona Inn
  • Jazmyn’s Woodcrafters Network – making wooden toys for the patients at Diamond Children’s Medical Center
  • Jazmyn’s “Easter Party”
  • Jazmyn’s “Mother’s Day Event” (for Mothers only)
  • Jazmyn’s “Halloween Bash”
  • Jazmyn’s “It’s a Special Christmas” with Santa and Gifts
  • Jazmyn’s Blankets of Hope

Volunteers are always welcomed at any of our events.

Academy Charities Contacts

Beautiful Savior Academy Charities Chairperson

Jack Foote | 520-548-6019