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ACSTO & Beautiful Savior Academy

Here is our Beautiful Savior Academy ACSTO School Page

You have the opportunity to support our school while receiving a dollar-for-dollar Arizona state tax credit.  This is simply a way for you to choose where your tax dollars are spent.  These funds provide much needed scholarships to our kindergarten families who otherwise might not be able to choose a Christian education for their child.  Currently 17 of our 21 kindergarten students receive partial or full scholarships.  This wouldn’t be possible without your generous donations.  Please consider helping us as we continue to provide a loving, Christian, educational environment for the early learners in our community.  Let’s work together to make this world a place filled with compassion, caring, sharing, kindness, and love!

Thank-you for your anticipated support!

Help Students at Beautiful Savior Academy. Receive a dollar-for-dollar tax credit and provide students at Beautiful Savior Academy with tax credit scholarships. Here is our Beautiful Savior Academy ACSTO School Page