Worship Information from Pastor David

In response to the CDC's recommendation of avoiding groups of 10 or more we will be making some changes in how we 'do church' for a while.  We do this to do our part in helping contain this virus.  

Therefore we are suspending 'in-person' worship at the usual times.

We will still be holding worship, just not in the same places.

The two venues will be Facebook Live and Zoom.

  • Facebook Live requires you to be on Facebook at the time and looking for the Live Stream.  It will come out of Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church. If you haven't 'Liked' that page yet, you will need to do so. Click here to go to the Beautiful Savior Facebook page (it's also visible on our home page).
  • The other method is Zoom. Provided we have your email address, you will receive a an email for any worship service that we host in this manner.  You can watch it on a computer, smart phone, or Smart TV as long as you have the capacity. You will click on the link and it will take you to the 'meeting.'  You may be asked to download their free app for your phone, TV or Tablet.

If you know people who haven't given us their email, please have them send it to us.  You can also forward the email to others.

We will seek to save and upload these videos on our website (or at least a link to where they can be found will be posted on our website).

More info will be forthcoming, and if you need help setting things up, or other technical questions, contact the office.  We may be able to help you get set up.

Remember, God loves you, and so do I!

Pr. David