Worship Information from Pastor David

Worship is the gathering of people to hear the Word and to celebrate the sacraments.  We have been doing this online for almost a year.  Worship has never stopped being offered, it simply became offered differently than we ever had before.   

 As more and more are vaccinated, and the numbers come down, Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church will once again host in-person worship starting March 14, 2021.   

 Worship is to be a safe place, so differing options will be offered, and rules will be enforced for the safety of all participants. 

8am Worship will be held indoors in the worship space of the church. There is a maximum signup capacity of 40.  You need to RSVP for the service.  <click here to register>   Masks will be worn, social distancing will be practiced, Communion is prepackaged, so pick yours up when you enter, offering plates will be out for you to drop your offering in before or after worship, and there will be no congregational singing.  The musicians will sing and play, those in attendance will be asked to hum, or simply to contemplate the words of the songs while enjoying them. 

10am Worship will be held in Werner Hall with all the doors open.  There is no maximum capacity and no registration is required. Masks will be worn, and social distancing will be practiced.  You will be allowed to join in the singing of the hymns as you wish.  If you have a comfy chair to bring, please do so. 

 As the situation continues to evolve, so will how we gather in worship. 

 No matter what- all services will continue to be online! You can join us on Zoom, FB Live, or later watch on YouTube.  Click here for more information about online worship. 

Remember, God loves you, and so do I!

Pr. David