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Gods Work Our Hands

The ELCA God's Work. Our Hands. banner

Gods work. Our hands. It's a call to action. We are called into action to help others. To show love, respect, and acceptance to our family, friends, neighbors, and community.

Each year, the ELCA designates a particular Sunday when congregations take part in community service. Planning starts early at Beautiful Savior. All summer, our service team leaders gather the materials we need - totes and bags, food and toiletries. On GWOH Sunday, the people of Beautiful Savior gather to put it all together and take it into our community. Maybe it's a tray of cookies to say "Thanks" to first resonders and teachers, or a colorful stuffed animal for a child at Banner Diamond Children's Center. Regardless what it is, love is at it's center.

However, we know the needs of the community are not limited to a single day of the year. That's why Beaufiful Savior has a far reaching program to serve others. So, check out the ways you can join us in service to our family, friends, neighbors and community. It could be as elaborate as knitting a prayer shawl, or as simple as taking part in "Noisy Offering" Sunday. Join us in our committed to be a force of love in our community.

This video was produced by the ELCA and highlights congregations across the country during the 2015 GWOH campaign.