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October Pastor's Letter

Submitted by Office Manager on October 1, 2019 - 1:59pm

Fall is here!!!

How do I know?

Is it because pumpkin spice is EVERYWHERE?

Is it the Christmas decorations and sales all over the place?

Is it because the temperature is getting below 90?

Is it baseball winding down and football winding up?

There always seems to be all kinds of indicators of change around us.  Sometimes we don’t pick up on them as we are too busy, or already looking ahead.

Sometimes we know what the indicators mean as we see them.  Sometimes we understand only in hindsight.

I wonder what people saw and thought about in October 1517?  Did they know what was coming? Did Martin Luther really see it either?  My guess is no, he didn’t.

Would Luther have held back his 95 Theses if he knew what would happen?  Would he have done it sooner?

Sometimes we hold back because we are afraid of what might all be involved.  Sometimes we hold back because we don’t think it really matters.

When we think of the ongoing discussions on climate change, immigration and refugee issues, poverty, etc.- how are you responding? Or are you? Why or why not?

Are you prepared like Luther was to take a stand based on Scripture and reason? Or is your stand based on something else (and is it something beyond opinion- yours or someone else’s)?

Notice that Luther’s “Stand” wasn’t about standing still, it was about reforming, progressing, changing.  It was not change for change’s sake, but because the Holy Spirit reminded him of God’s enduring grace and promise of a future with hope.  The Gospel is about love and new life.

So on Reformation Sunday, wear red.  It is a celebration of the Holy Spirit in all of us as we seek to respond to God’s baptismal calling to let our light shine with the message of God’s love and new life for the world.

For this Reformation Sunday, we welcome Bishop Deborah Hutterer, Bishop of the Grand Canyon Synod of the ELCA, to Beautiful Savior.  She will be our guest preacher and would love to have conversation during LLL.  You may hear of some of the big things that we are doing as church together going forward into the future with hope.

Before then, on October 13th we will have our Gratitude Sunday and collect our estimates of giving for next year.  There will be a space to write in your regular giving, and for our “Forty For Four” campaign.  Think of the great things we can do, when we all look forward in hope, responding out of what God has given us as we seek to follow the one who leads us into the future!

Remember that God loves you, and so do I!

Pastor David

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