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October Forty For Four

Submitted by Office Manager on October 1, 2019 - 2:03pm

As we come to the last quarter of the year, we have raised $16,810 of our goal for “Forty For Four.”  Using what has come in (THANK YOU!!!), and some that we rolled over from last year, we will be handling two major projects this Fall.  Redoing the tiles roofs on the Academy that need replacing; and, resurfacing the parking lot before oil prices go up.

Waiting in the wings are a number of other projects awaiting the resources to do them: A/V upgrades in the Sanctuary, Narthex and Bathroom renovations, Thermostat upgrades, roadside signage improvements, etc.

If you are interested in giving to this campaign, simply mark the check or other offering with “Forty for Four” (40 4 4) and it will be put to these uses as we have the resources to do them.

Thank you for your support of this campaign that seeks to help up continue to go “Forty Forward!”

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