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May 2020 Academy News

Submitted by Office Manager on April 28, 2020 - 2:48pm

            It’s May and I would like to say that the Academy is back in session and our classrooms are full of love, laughter and learning.  However, because I am writing this in April while still working from home and communicating with our academy families through technology, I don’t know what May will actually look like.  Through this unprecedented time I have been sending out weekly lessons to our families and I have continued with chapel on Facebook.  Ms. Cindy has been contributing with music and the teachers have been reading stories which we also post on our Facebook page.  The feedback from our parents has been extremely positive and grateful.  I know that whether it’s May or later, we will return to our classrooms and we will return changed.  This feels incomplete and so we hope and pray for a little more time, but at the very least a time to come together and have closure to the school year. 

            In the meantime, we are continuing to plan for our summer session.  We will be open for eight weeks with each week focusing on a different theme.  Currently we have between 20 and 26 students registered per week.  Hopefully, those that have registered are still planning on their children attending.  If we are unable to return to our regular classes at the beginning of May, I am considering possibly extending our summer session to begin mid-May through the end of July.  If it is safe to do so, I imagine many parents would appreciate the break after trying to teach their children at home for this extended period of time.  In addition, as this pandemic lets up I will continue to schedule tours and register students for both the summer and fall sessions. 

            As I mentioned, we have been posting several times each week on our Facebook page.  Please consider commenting and sharing posts so that we remain visible in our community.  Registration was going very well prior to this pandemic and we need to make sure we keep our name out there in the community for when people begin considering options for the summer and fall. 

            In the meantime; stay safe, stay well and say prayers for all those infected and all those on the frontlines.  I look forward to our church, our academy, our life together in the coming days. 


God Bless,

Rhonda Karrer


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