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January 2021 Academy News

Submitted by Office Manager on January 13, 2021 - 2:54pm

            Good bye 2020, Hello 2021!  Although nothing changed overnight just because we ushered in a New Year, I am filled with hope.  Hope for some relief from Covid-19 with the vaccine roll out, and hope for a return to “normal” or a new normal.  The past 10 months have been a challenge at best.  With the support of my staff, we have learned to adapt in order to provide a much needed service to our families and community.  That alone is evidenced by the increased kindergarten enrollment from 6 students last school year to 21 this year.  Although we don’t know what the future holds, the academy will continue to remain open and prepare for the upcoming summer program and 2021-2022 school year. 

            With the uncertainty of our surrounding schools and what learning will look like come August, I have already had a significant interest in our kindergarten program for the upcoming school year.  However with our increased enrollment this year, we do not have any roll over funds available for 2021-2022 scholarships.  Therefore, I would ask that each of you consider making a donation to ACSTO which will provide you with a dollar-for-dollar tax credit on your Arizona State Taxes.  This in turn will provide much needed scholarships for our incoming students.  Any Arizona resident that files state taxes can take advantage of this opportunity.  Even if you expect a tax return, you are eligible as it is based on your tax liability.  In addition, if you take advantage of other tax credits, such as the public school tax credit, you are still eligible to take advantage of the private school tax credit.  Detailed information can be found at  Please consider whether this opportunity is right for you and how you can impact the life of a child.  Your donation will provide the funds necessary for a child to receive a quality, faith based early learning opportunity.  Help us build a foundation for success in the lives of our students.   

On behalf of my staff, we wish all of you a very healthy, memorable, and “normal” New Year! 


Rhonda Karrer


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