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January 2020 Academy News

Submitted by Office Manager on December 24, 2019 - 6:31pm


            It’s a new year! That means we will all be faced with filing our taxes in the near future.  Read on to find out how you can redirect your tax dollars while helping our school raise money for much needed kindergarten scholarships.  Our goal is to fill our classrooms with young learners that we can educate, nurture and share with them the love of God.  Won’t you help us in our effort?  First on our agenda is to ensure that we have scholarships available for our incoming kindergarten students.  The way to do that is to ask all of you to consider making a dollar-for-dollar tax credit donation to ACSTO.  Not only will those funds go directly to Beautiful Savior Academy, but you will receive a tax credit on your Arizona state taxes for the amount donated (up to the maximum allowed) or your Arizona tax liability (this is your liability prior to the consideration of any taxes already paid through payroll deductions or quarterly payments).  It’s that easy!  These donations allow our young families the opportunity to consider Beautiful Savior Academy for kindergarten without worrying about the financial burden it will place on the family budget.  We are hoping to fill our kindergarten classroom for the 2020-2021 school year.  That means we will need to reach a goal of approximately 43,000.00 donated to Beautiful Savior Academy through ACSTO. 


            You can make your donation directly to ACSTO online at using a credit/ debit card or there are brochures available in the narthex for you to make your donation by mail.  Please remember to designate Beautiful Savior Academy as the recommended school when making your donation to ensure that it gets credited to our school.  Donations can be made anytime through April 15th for your 2019 tax liability.  In addition, you can make multiple smaller donations at any time up to the maximum amount allowed. That amount for 2019 is $2269.00 for married filing jointly and $1135.00 for a single person.  If you have questions you can call ACSTO directly at 480-820-0403.  I am also available at 579-1453 or by email at

Thanks for your anticipated support and Happy New Year!

Rhonda Karrer


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