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February 2020 Pastor's Letter

Submitted by Office Manager on January 27, 2020 - 2:16pm

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching.  You may have noticed from the store displays.  The displays that replaced the Christmas displays after the sales.

You have a way to express love in a very real way starting in a couple weeks here at church.

We will kick off Heart2Heart. 

This is an opportunity to connect with another family member at BSLC through prayer.  What you will become for the next year are prayer partners.  You will arrange for regular (whatever that means to you) times when you pray for each other and the other’s needs.

I am ‘borrowing’ this idea from the synod.  I have a prayer partner, another pastor in the Synod, and we chat via Google Duo almost every week.  A number of you know who my prayer partner is, as it is Pr. Adele Resmer, who served as an interim pastor here right before I came with her husband, Pr. Larry Stiles.

So face to face, in person or by computer, or by phone so you can hear the other person, I am asking you to pray with and for another person here at BSLC for the next year.

Some details to help-

1)      You will be asked to sign up.  Sign up on the list in the Narthex/Gathering Area. You will be given a sign-up form that will have contact info and some basic questions to help you think of what you might need prayers for.  This form will be exchanged when your prayer partner is identified (the office will not keep it).

2)      The matching process will happen Feb. 16th (between services). Everyone who wishes to participate will be given an opportunity to pull a ticket out of a bowl.  You will be matched to the other person holding the same number.  More information will be given the 16th.

3)      There will be training on Feb. 23rd (after both services) on ideas and ways to meet and pray for one another.  Both partners need not be at the same training, it may help, but is not required!

4)      There will be other prayer trainings, ways to make prayer known, and opportunities to pray as the year progresses.

This is open to our seasonal visitors and any other who wishes to participate.  The requirement is simply that you participate with your partner! There are all kinds of technological ways to stay connected nowadays, let us use them for a good thing! Pr. Adele is in Phoenix, and I am here, we do it by video chat.  If you need help with those things, we would be happy to do that as well.

Sign up! Show up! Learn and grow! Connect with one another in the love of Jesus Christ!

Any questions- see me!

Remember that God loves you, and so do I!

Pastor David

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