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Leadership Directory

Meet Our Staff

Our staff and ministry leaders are here to assist you. Drop by Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church during our business hours or send an email using the directory below. You may also use the Contact Us form to contact us.

Pastoral Care

Pastor David Pavesic | Pastor
So, how did this wayfaring Midwesterner end up in Tucson anyway? Like many of you, I followed a job - or in my case, a calling to serve out here.


Rhonda Karrer | Academy Director
Shanda Sundberg | Assistant Academy Director

Music Staff

Rebecca Solomon | Accompanist


Anna Lowe | Council - Liaison
Colleen McDonald | Council - Secretary |
Janice Lewis | Council - Liaison
Judy Shaffer | Council - President |
Mary Perry | Council - Treasurer |
A few years I started visiting Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church after a number of years of not attending church regularly. At this church I found a wonderful, caring, and very friendly church.
Matt White | Council - Liaison
Pete Pederson | Council - Vice President

Ministry Leaders

Barbara Foor | Ministry Leader
Betsy Marco | Ministry Leader | 520-490-3368
Don Swanson | Ministry Leader
Dorothy Pederson | Ministry Leader - Artisan Craft Sale Coordinator
Jack Foote | Beautiful Savior Academy Charities Chairperson | 520-548-6019
Janice Molina | Ministry Leader
Karen Johnson | Ministry Leader
Kevin Nalin | Ministry Leader
Lynn Nalin | Ministry Leader |
Marion Spain | Ministry Leader
Mary Spiedel | Ministry Leader
Mickie Romero | Ministry Leader
Rick Balko | Ministry Leader
Sandy Petersen | Ministry Leader
Sig Smitt | Ministry Leader - Offerings Secretary
Sue Irwin | Ministry Leader
Terri Lappin | Tech Team, Webmaster | 520-977-1290
I was born and raised in Tucson.